It is Illegal to Ride Swegways in Britain Because the Authorities Are Huge Killjoys

maxresdefault (2)“Our society is not ready for such things like swegway boards, and some of them can get hurt, that’s why we banned it from public roads.”
That is what the cops say, anyhow, as the cops really are a load of fucking killjoys.

So essentially, long and soon: You cannot, technically, legally ride a hoverboard on public sidewalks or roads. In the event you have been practicing your balancing gently and politely on the sidewalk outside your property, then that’s technically an violation and also you need to maintain jail, partner. In the event you have taken it to Westfield to chat up girls while doing donuts, then I am hoping you understand to produce prison hooch, as you might be a criminal. Should you and your partners have face-put off one in a McDonald’s car park, love being shanked in the kidneys using a sharpened toothbrush, because that is what those large real tough offenders will do to you inside.

Folks ride bikes on the sidewalk on a regular basis and nobody actually does anything about it, as well as the same goes for skateboards. Individuals do totally crazy shit on sidewalks as well as the authorities do nothing. But then somehow you believe this swegway act could be more closely applied than most.

tumblr_ntngw1fjlC1rkv3hxo1_1280The London authorities have really tried to be trendy, recently, and that I’m not having it. We all looked at him and believed, “No he had… he had never pot the London police, would he? He likely enjoys Modest Mouse.” The London police do pleasure tweets like, “Has anyone lost a huge bag of diamorphine? Arrive at the police station to gather it“that kind of thing. Slowly, gently, the police want to make us forget they’re neon-jacketed poor bastards who despise everything great and enjoy wearing the uniform for the reason that it makes them feel important.

Anyhow, let us be real; let’sno, come on, take a seat and let us be real nownobody is ever actually likely to be in any manner detained or especially halted for riding a swegway to the sidewalk. But it is still fine the London police dug out a law that predates the creation of the motor vehicle to ensure nobody rides a swegway to the sidewalk around them, is not it? Great work, police. Happy to have you near.

Author: pbndozer

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