The Coolest Toys of 2016

These are not exactly toys for children in fact, but for big boys and girls. We will review some of the best picks of 2016, because we have to say that this year has brought some really good toys. Just come with us and let’s discover everything about this.


These are truly awesome, and in 2016 we have seen many of them to pop up. The technology of these two-wheeled vehicles keeps getting better with the pass of the time, therefore getting more popular every time. One of the coolest variations of the Swegway has been the hover-board.

For real, the hover-board has been one of the hottest toys of 2016. It has sold like crazy and we think that it will still do well in 2017. And one of the most important things here is that the technology used by Swegway keeps evolving and getting better with the pass of the time, so it’s not a mistake to say that the same will happen with the hover-board.

So if you are looking for a great Christmas gift, then here you have a very good choice. It’s cool and will amaze anyone you gift it to. So it’s a solid purchase.

DJI Phantom 3 Professional

Now we have this awesome drone. Men have gone crazy after this product, because it’s pretty cool. Drones can be pretty expensive, and this one is a middle point. It’s not cheap, yet not so expensive, especially if you take into account what a great drone it is.

It will allow you to film for many minutes and sustain flight for a long time. It’s a great drone for the outdoors and for travelling. It’s also fun to take it for a simple flight, but it’s better used for filming or the outdoors.


This is a brand new toy which will amaze a lot of men all over the world. It’s been launched just a bit ago, and we are pretty sure it will be a real hit in 2016.

It’s basically, as the name clearly tells, a half-bike. It’s a wonderful mix between a scooter and a bike. It makes it easier and very fun to ride. This is a truly unique design. The price is a bit expensive, but it’s definitely worth it, especially if you want to get your hands on a toy nobody else has at the moment.

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